Installation and Operation of Omicron’s BMS Sensors

A BMS, also referred to as a Building Automation System (BAS), is a control system installed in facilities to control and monitor the facilities’ mechanical and electrical equipment such as heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, power, fire, and security systems.

This video will give you a glimpse of different types of systems and how it is being controlled based on different process parameters. These parameters are being measured by Omicron’s sensor and provide a feedback signal to the BMS controller.

For Controlling the system, choosing a right sensor and placing it at the right place will yield you an efficient result. This video will give you an exact idea of different types of sensor available with Omicron and where you need to place it in a typical HVAC system.

Omicron Sensing Pharma EMS Introduction

EMS plays a very crucial role in pharmaceutical industries to validate its mandated compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). An EMS is a monitoring system which monitors, records and analyzes data to verify the compliance in URS designed.

All this data is fetched from highly accurate sensors which are strategically placed inside the facility. The following video will give you an inside of such a facility and how Omicron’s Sensors are aiding to acquire highly accurate data with timestamp for recording and analysis purposes. 

Some of the critical data required to be monitored and recorded are Humidity, Temperature, Differential Pressure and Particulate Matter, which gives evidence that the production has been carried out in a GMP compliance environment.